Many people are overwhelmed with the complexity that can be involved in properly planning for their unique financial goals. If you aren't sure where to begin in determining your needs, you might want to consider asking yourself some of the following questions.

•    When will I be able to retire?

•    How much should I be saving to retire comfortably?

•    How much annual retirement income can

      I expect based on my current savings?

•    How can I create tax-free income in retirement?

•    Do I have the appropriate type and level of life insurance for my family and me?

•    How much should I expect to pay in life insurance premiums?

•    What options are available to save for my child's college education?

These are just a few of the key questions that I like to explore with my clients to determine their financial needs. If you find yourself wondering if your current financial plans adequately address your needs, have questions about how to achieve specific financial goals, or are starting from scratch - I would welcome an opportunity to discuss how I could help.

                                                                                                        Kevin M. Link
                                                                                                        Link Financial